About Fresh Dungeness Crab

Dungeness crab named after Dungeness, Washington is a species of crab only found on the west coast of North America. Dungeness crab is prized for its delicate flavor and slightly sweet taste and often preferred over the distinguished Alaskan Red King Crab. The average size and weight of the Dungeness crab varies from the area caught but typically in the 1.50 – 2 pound weight range with a shell length of approximately 8 inches. A majority of fish markets and grocery stores sell Dungeness crab but unfortunately are sold only as cooked and previously frozen. Fresh Dungeness crab is available in fresh fish markets and online through a select few online distributors.

Fresh Dungeness crab is sustainable and caught with environmentally-safe crab pots that sit on the ocean bottom. On the west coast of California, in the small town of Morro Bay fishing vessels bring back their catch of crabs ranging from as low as 2,000 pounds to a high of 20,000 pounds a trip. Dungeness crabs are plentiful and are served in most seafood restaurants throughout California, Oregon, and Washington.

Dungeness crabs are commonly cooked in boiling water with some added salt for 18-20 minutes. You can enjoy a freshly cooked Dungeness crab with a seafood fork allowing the picking of the meat. The meat is either enjoyed as is with some drawn butter or as a flavorful ingredient in an appetizer such as crab cakes or as an entrée served with lemon. Check out these crab recipes, click here. Whichever way you prefer to eat your crab, you will experience the exquisite taste of Dungeness crab.

If you’re interested in visiting a restaurant or fish market that prepares live Dungeness crabs hand-picked from a tank and cooked on-site, take time to visit Giovanni’s Fish Market located on the central coast of California and enjoy a hot Dungeness crab on their outdoor patio overlooking the bay. And if you’re looking to prepare the crab yourself, visit www.giovannisfishmarket.com and have it shipped live to your door via FedEx overnight delivery service. There are a few online distributors that offer this service, just be sure you purchase fresh Dungeness crab and not a previously frozen cooked one. The difference with freshness is quality and taste.