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Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town)

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The police say their investigation "will be extended to other malls in the area. Veysey discharged lawyer Peter Kor- mos a few days before the preliminary hearings began April He acted as his -- counsel for the first day of hear- ings, then asked for duty counsel on the second. Veysey now retains Brampton lawyer Peter Gabriel DiMartino, who is expected to appeal the decision for a trial.

Veysey was charged (Dqvie 26 and November 4, with two counts of in- decent assault, two counts of gross in- decency, and Wsnted: count each of sexual assault with a weapon and of using a weapon or imitation of a weapon Std Morpeth sex dating commit an indictable offence. The max- imum penalties for each offence are five to fourteen years in prison. Veysey was first charged with sexual assault with a weapon in connection with an Naughty wives want real sex Prince George that occurred October 6, A year-old youth told police he was confronted at midnight by a man with a knife and ordered into a nearby field and sexually assaulted.

Police laid additional charges against Veysey on November Budry in connection with sexual assaults on two other males that are al- leged to have occurred on August 17, Activity at Gay Unity Niagara has Trial by jury: Niagara activist Tim Veysey ground to a halt since Veysey's arrest.

Veysey and Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) Beu, his lover F#CCK nearly three years and GUN's deputy co- ordinator, resigned Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) the organiza- tion after the charges were laid, as did treasurer Kevin Kendricks.

Veysey's home, from which the group operated, is now being rented because bail conditions force him he is 36 years old to hve at his parents' house. Once it became apparent Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) court process would be a long one, Veysey and Beu voluntarily returned to the group.

I don't know how I would have come this far without Les. He's made it much easier for me. St Catharines could (Davue a gay-owned bar but because it's a conser- vative area people may Waned: leery of get- ting into a substantial investment. I real- ly believe one could be very successful. In the midst of a labour-tribunal hearing into the approp- riateness of a provincial cabinet minis- ter's attempts to block his rehiring, Tyler was fired a second time, setting off a new round of grievance appeals and complaints.

Tyler's troubles began in October when he was fired from his social- services ministry job for having sex with a year-old mentally retarded youth insecurities The Mounties get their bugs, but will the Solicitor- General get his bill? While the federal government's failure to rown) protection for civil liberties has recently come under fire, the RCMP has shown itself to be more willing than ever to place citizens Horny girls Sao vicente surveillance.

Five hundred twenty-five warrants for wiretaps and hidden cameras were issued to RCMP officers working on national security Waned: inaccording to Solicitor-General Robert Kaplan, whose annual report on warrants issued under the Official Secrets Act was tabled in Parhament May The number of warrants issued has grown steadily in the past few years: An increa.

Inthe McDonald Royal Commission into RCMP wrongdoings found that the Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) was "insensitive" about "what a security force ought to be securing" and unable to distinguish Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) subversion and Indian women in Hatteras Village North Carolina looking for sex dissent.

The commission recommended the destruction of most of thefiles the RCMP had kept on individuals suspected of being security threats. The commission was particularly crit- ical of the sweeping investigation of gay people.

The RCMP had opened files on almost every gay person it came Ludlow IL cheating wives. The Mounties explained that if gay people were to hold "sensitive" government posi- tions, they would be security risks.

The McDonald Commission also rec- ommended that the RCMP be relieved of responsibility for national security and that a civilian security agency be estab- lished. Unfortunately, neither Bill C, first tabled in the summer of to create such a service, nor its replacement. Bill C-9, provided safeguards against re- peating the abuses committed by the Mounties.

Because its vague definition of "threat to national security" met with strong criticism. Bill C was withdrawn in late The definition in Bill C-9 is vague as well. Groups with a wide range of political views have criticized Bill C-9 for defining a "security threat" so broadly that it would significantly inhibit lawful dissent and protest as well as actual threats to national security. One definition, for example, is: Among those who have voiced criticism are the Cana- dian Civil Liberties Association, the Canadian Bar Association, MPs from all three parties, labour, feminist and Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) groups, the provincial Attorneys-General, and, most recently, the Canadian Council of Churches.

Bill C-9 has also been criticized for the way warrants for wiretaps are obtained. The first warrant an investigator receives is good for one year; warrants may be re- newed, and the renewals are valid for an unlimited period of time.

Solicitor-General Robert Kaplan wants Bill C-9 to be passed before Parliament Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) in June, but criticisms from the NDP and the Conservatives, and demands for further amendments, make this unlike- ly. The opposition could stall the bill up to the next federal election, and the legislation would have to be re-intnxiuccd. Tyler, consi- dered "unquestionably competent" in his work by his employer, had been spied on by the police for several months before being caught in a public wash- room and charged with gross indecency.

In a decision made public earlier this year, the board reinstated Tyler to Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) job with retroactive pay to October Community and social services minis- ter Frank Drea, Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) into comment- ing on the reinstatement by Claire Stressful day need to relax, columnist with the anti-union Toronto Sun, denounced the board's decision and vowed Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) demote Tyler "so far down into the basement that he's gonna need a miner's lamp to get upstairs.

After one day of hearing, Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) 1 1chair Owen Shime asked union and ministry lawyers to sub- mit written arguments because the serious nature of the complaint deserved more careful consideration. Paul Cavaluzzo, Tyler's lawyer, told the tribunal that Drea's "arrogant and ir- responsible conduct" demonstrated a "blatant disregard for the rule of law and the collective bargaining process.

Instead, the union subpoenaed Queen's Park reporters to verify the minister's statements to the press — among them a description of TVler as a "sex freak" who "performed the most repugnant acts known to man. The tribunal is expected to take Rocky Mount married women wanting affairs weeks to release its decision. Only a few days after the labour hear- ing, another mentally retarded youth re- portedly visited Tyler's former employer in Waterloo and claimed that he too had been pressured into sexual contact with Tyler nearly five years ago.

After a brief internal investigation, the ministry fired Tyler and leaked the story to reporter Hoy, who trumpeted the details of the accusation in the headlines of the Toronto Sun, April OPSEU has appealed this second dis- missal to the grievance board.

No date has been set for a hearing. The union has also filed a new complaint with the labour-relations tribunal because, as lawyer Cavaluzzo says, it was "totally inappropriate" for the ministry to allow details of the allegations and the dismis- sal to be splashed across the front pages before the appeal had been heard.

The ministry is simply "preying on the prejudices of the public," charges Cavaluzzo. He says the second dismissal is "an attempt to intimidate Mr Tyler to walk away from the case. But the cheering sounded suspiciously like merely polite ap- plause. In early Marchmore than two years after Vancouver youth counsellor Rob Joyce was falsely accused of buying sex from a teenage male prostitute, was fired from his government job and was placed on a pro- vincial child-molester list, British Colum- bia's Social Credit government abjectly backed down.

In an out-of-court settlement resuking from a civil suit launched by Joyce, the neo-conservative regime of the day was forced to admit Joyce was innocent; to remove his name from the child-abuse registry; and to pay court costs.

Hardly insignificant in the lengthy and often un- successful history of fired gays who fought intransigent state bureaucracies. In fact, it was the most impressive politi- cal victory to date in a decade of gay- related job-discrimination struggles. In reality, it isn't all over.

Nonetheless, prospects for Joyce's total vindication were considerably brightened by the gov- ernment's concession of the legal Eirgu- ment before it reached the hallowed chambers. Still pending before the courts are Joyce's claims for wrongful-dismissal and defamation damages. In the mainstream Vancouver Sun, the settlement rated front-page attention. Surely Canadian gay publications would do no less. Not so. Response in the gay media was curiously muted. Despite the rather as- tonishing turn of Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town), The Body Pol- itic relegated Joyce's vindication to its news pages; even there it was not regard- ed as a lead item, much less worthy of mention on the paper's cover.

Nor did Vancouver's local gay newspaper. Angles, do appreciably better. There too, though the story merited notice on the cover and a sidebar with the winner's comments, the Joyce victory was handled as news, pure and simple. Let me clarify the distinction I'm at- tempting to make, since it's not Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) nected to the conclusions I intend to draw. My criticism is not especially directed to gay-media behaviour, which I see as symptomatic of a problem calling for examination on the part of many more of us than just those who Girls that fuck Dijon our publications.

In neither publication was the latest and happiest episode in Joyce's lengthy battle ignored. In neither case wEis the reportage less than compe- tent, or in any way malevolent though TBP's version, in the name of journalistic "colour," once more raised the tired issue of Joyce's "personality".

Rather, in both instances, gay-media coverage was noteworthy because it thor- oughly homogenized the event.

Joyce was just another news item, right up there with the latest body count from the AIDS battlefield and the lamentable decision by the Porcupine, Saskatchewan city council Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) to extend human-rights protection to gay people. More important, in neither pubhcation was there any inclination to draw political conclusions. Neither paper felt the urge to analyze or editorialize — to determine what Sex personals Elkins been gained, and why.

At least three observations — about homophobic demonology, due process and the politics of gay liberation — spring to mind in considering the meaning of what Rob Joyce has so far achieved.

The homosexual as molester It's hard to imagine a more initially un- promising set of circumstances than that. To fight at all, Joyce was required to take on "The Molester" — that central monster of the social unconscious. Why is the cheering so subdued?

Stan Persliy on the case of OB JOYCE actual instances of adults engaging in sex with children, there exists (Davir imaginary nightmare-being whose threat is ideologi- cally utilized to sanctify, Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) and re- inforce a grab-bag of classic bourgeois values.

Naughty Woman Seeking Sex Boothbay Harbor

Among them: There's a certain irony in this. In reality, "molesters" constitute a statistically min- iscule proportion of adult-child sexual contacts. The majority of such acts occur within the family, the very institution that emits those parental shrieks of outrage against "dirty old men.

Full text of "The Body politic, November "

In the end, the stereotype becomes a mystification. Budsy it like to do prison time for sleeping with boys? What's it like to be publicly accused of being a molester and to continue living in one's commun- ity after the acquittal? We don't know. More important for us is the relation- ship, in the dominant social imagination, between homosexuality and this ideologi- cal demon. As in most A girl with Berry latex dating, there's a distinction to be made between heterosex- ual and homosexual versions of the child molester.

However reluctant middle- class, condo-owning "assimilated" gay Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) may be to admit it, in the prevail- ing ideological structure, it remains the case that the homosexual is, by defini- tion, a molester.

Of course, that's only one aspect of homophobic demonology: In Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) view of a significant portion of society, then, there is a sense in which we are all molesters. In fact, Looking for eye sex party good company up this image was a principal tactic of the late-Seventies' new-right assault on gay people, spearheaded by Anita Bryant and her Save Our Children crusade.

Thus, every instance of successfully combating this mental association has political relevance. To make matters worse, Joyce wasn't simply any alleged dirty old man. As a youth job counsellor in a prostitute- rehabilitation project, he was in a posi- tion of trust, a member of a "helping' ' profession, a possible violator of the sacrocanct "professional-client relation- ship.

If the state could make its labelling of Joyce-as-molester stick, the political ef- fect would be Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) demonstrate that gays in "sensitive" jobs of whom there are thousands will and do transgress every moral boundary imaginable, and just for good measure given the activist image in- volvedare also guilty of blatant hypo- crisy.

It's important to reiterate that, ideologically, the outcome of such cases affects not merely the individual but all those within the category. That is, the social spectacle is structured to have a "demonstration effect": In breaching the demonic image, Joyce did more than provide breathing space for thousands of similarly situated gay people.

When the talk-show caller phon- ing in from the suburban Bible belt grudgingly conceded, "I don't like homo- sexuals, but this guy is getting a bum rap," the sub-textual message in fact is: Getting our due from due process The state, at least in BC Housewives looking hot sex Sonnette Montana, Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) loathe to recognize Joyce as a legal entity. As a practical matter, Joyce would have been better off had he actually been charged with a crime rather than victimized by the ambiguities of administrative procedure.

Nonetheless, there were tangible gains for due process as a result of the way Joyce's case was handled. Before Joyce's case, the area of child- abuse legalities was an obscure fiefdom of medieval regulatory law. Beyond the rela- tively clear-cut business of child-abuse criminal law, BC maintains a listing for- mally known as the Registry of Protec- tion Complaints colloquially called the "child abusers' registry". It is amazingly easy to find oneself on this select list, since its modus operandi Find real sex in Piercy California rumour.

A complaint from almost any source will get you registered; the state is not re- quired to inform the listee that he or she is on the list; Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) suspected abuser has no hearing or appeal rights.

Though the registry is supposedly confidential, jour- naUsts had little difficulty gaining access to it; the practical effects of the informa- tion being publicized obviously can be devastating. The state's justification for these dubi- ous procedures is that, while many child- abuse reports, such as the one implicating Joyce, are not actionable in a legal sense, their recording often reveals a pattern of actions that, in the long run, may pro- duce prosecutions.

Whether or not the claim is true, it doesn't take much refiec- tion to see that the whole idea of the registry eliminates due process. At least it did until Joyce's case. Only recently was the last found-in case from heard, and the legal battles arising from the raid on the Back Door Baths have only begun. The Right to Privacy Foundation, created by the R I PC to administer the legal defense fund, has authorized assistance for found-ins and 4 sets of keepers.

It will face additional bills from the Back Door raid, and ongoing fundraising will ensure that our community's obligations are met. Cost of Ad 14, Costs of Fundraising, etc. In a legal sense, the gains are probably comparatively small. For the thousands of us who daily teach, counsel, find Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) for or do social work with children, that assurance of due pro- cess is hardly negligible. Whatever happened to gay liberation?

The public posture Joyce chose to main- tain in the face of his social ordeal is not without interest. During the course of a lengthy defence, at no time did Joyce and his immediate supporters retreat from his actual Lick fuck and leave, though the temptation must have been considerable.

Yes, Joyce was a gay activist. Yes, Joyce was an advocate of the gay libera- tion position calling for the abolition of age-of-consent laws — an admission in the eyes of many including some gay people tantamount to confessing to the child-molestation charge at hand.

Throughout, Joyce offered up the model of a complex, Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) individual — at no time opting for the simplified ver- sion of innocent victim of bureaucratic bungling, at no time "shading" his gay- ness to make it more palatable a social skill in which most of us are thoroughly adept. Consistently, then, his approach insisted on avowing the human diversity to which most of us pay lip service.

Despite or perhaps more likely be- cause oO this uncompromising attitude, Joyce and his supporters succeeded in generating a remarkable amount of sup- port in the community at large around an issue heretofore choked with unspeaka- bleness. Cops, the media, civil-liberties groups, political parties, churches and businesses found themselves in the rare position of defending an accused child molester.

Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) I Am Look For People To Fuck

It was, historically, an unprece- dented degree of support for a gay issue in British Columbia. The process of garnering it wasn't easy. Patiently, the evidence was put before Barnes: And Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town), at no point did Joyce make himself out to be other than what he was: At every point, gay-liberation insistence: In the end, Barnes was fully persuaded he had an innocent constituent on his hands, and the former gridiron warrior turned out to be one of Joyce's most valiant and effec- tive supporters.

Within the politics of gay conscious- ness raising, there is a two-fold political point to be made about this tactical dili- gence and personal integrity. First, each organization that came to support the Joyce cause had to go through the pro- cess of this discussion, had to confront for itself the homophobic demons, the unspeakability that usually consigns such issues to silence, the "difficulties" of the case.

Second, from the outset, Joyce and his supporters were prepared to fight the case as a gay-liberation issue. Simply put, that meant that the politics of gay liberation were accorded equal importance with the practical outcome of the case. Every time this happened, the ad- junct goal of public discussion has been sacrificed to a dubious political 'vic- tory. Throughout, Joyce's defence committee maintained a Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) perspective rather than one that sought a quiet individual solution.

It consistently argued: Ironically, for insisting on the public Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) of the issue, Joyce was more than once labelled a publicity hound. The absurdity of the charge ought to be self-evident. Notwithstanding those accomplish- ments, in the wake of Joyce's victory one gay community leader reported that sup- port for this job-discrimination struggle remained "patchy.

Literally thousands of people became familiar with the sordid details of establishing inno- cence and came to the aid of the accused. Yet, in one important sense, that claim contains a grain of half-truth.

Joyce's support was indeed "patchy" among one segment of the gay community. Surpris- ingly, response was not divided along the familiar left-right political line: Rather, the patchiest of sup- port was among a segment of the official political leadership of the gay commun- ity, many members of which are identi- fiable, ironically, as political leftists.

Here, one found the highest degree of "nervous nellyism" about the "difficul- ty" of Joyce's case, about the degree of risk involved for the "reputation" of the gay community. Here, one encountered the apologetic mumbling: Free sex listings for 93274 question is: Is it symptomatic of something more than the almo. Similarly, a pervasive undercurrent heard throughout the two-year struggle Beautiful mature looking sex encounters Nashville least in cocktail circles I frequent was the matter of Joyce's "personality.

His defence committee maintained a poiiticai perspective rather than one that sought a quiet individual solution. The persistent raising of the personality issue in such matters, I've found, almost invariably serves as a dis- placement of poUtics. The politics of gay liberation.

I'm still Sexy want sex tonight Schaumburg quite sure how to articulate what is barely an intuition despite my visceral trust of faggot intuition. But long before Carole Pope made it to the cover of TBP in time for her Pepsi commercials, the focus of the gay media in the Eighties has subtly shifted from liberation to lifestyle.

The politicians of the gay community have moved from activism to lobbyism. The battle for ideas, as Lynch noted, Wantev: sacrificed to the formalist "victory. Do circumstances warrant the aban- donment of gay liberation, if that Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) what has indeed happened?

Just to cite a local example: The new bill eliminates the entire apparatus that made the human-rights code effective. And it wipes out a catch-all "reasonable cause" pro- vision which was, in the absence of a sexual-orientation Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town), the sole legal ground for complaints by gay people. If anything, the new bill is an indictment of the prevailing lobbyist mode as a response to the virility of neo-conservatism triumphal. Examples multiply: Posses of "shame- the-johns" vigilantes roam the streets of Vancouver's West End, protesting against m4a harassing, among others, gay prosti- tutes.

Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town)

Could gay liberationists of the early Seventies have envisaged that these de- fenders of property values and "decent" neighbourhoods would turn out to be mostly gay men, blithely if not callously ignoring the rights of others in the Sexy Italy fe senior women towards respectability and integration?

Much the same can be said about a var- iety of standing and topical gay concerns, from the execrable state of sex education in the schools to the politics of AIDS. The shift that I detect is seldom blatant and certainly not ubiquitous. For example, the roar of anger heard in Toronto streets during the bathhouse raids of the early Eighties was hardly accommodationist.

Although it's faintly embarrassing intel- lectually to have to exhume old distinc- tions, I suppose the capacity to forget history shouldn't be underestimated. The difference between lobbyism and gay liberation is frequently presented as merely a Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) of tactics, a Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) of political efficiency.

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Or else, gay liberation Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) often treated as a historical phase, necessarily giving way to more polite pro- tocols. Its abandonment is similar Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) the talk one hears around the fringes of organized labour: In fact, gay liberation and its counterpart are temporally co- equal.

What I'm calling "lobbyism" ex- isted as far back as Vancouver's Gay Lib- eration Front inwhen its slogans were advocacy of "working within the system" and eschewing "confrontation.

Its aim is assimilation at a formal level. Existing social arrangements are open to question, since they may be inseparable from the heterosexism one seeks to eradicate. Gay liberation is not satisfied with merely for- mal solutions, with tolerance "earned" by years of good bourgeois behaviour. The Joyce case is a concrete example of the practice of gay liberation. Its success stands as a challenge to those who nod towards gay-liberation politics, but act as lobbyists.

Its gay-liberation character may also explain the sitting ovation it received in some quarters. This is not to say that gay Hberation en- visions a permanent state of social war. Certainly, it was the intention of gay lib- erationists that the politics of gay libera- tion would ultimately be surpassed.

But the "withering" of gay liberation was premised on social transformation — a material and ideological condition that no longer required the barbarous and false distinction between gay and straight. While it can be claimed that the gay life- style has been successfully commoditized that is, we've been "normalized" as a marketone could hardly argue that homosexuals have been liberated from social oppression.

As long as society re- quires me, in some important sense, to primarily identify myself as "gay," gay liberation remains a valid politics for homosexuals. Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) tentative answer to the immediate question of whatever happened to gay lib- eration is: That case isn't settled.

As before, the outcome will have broader ramifications than the fate of one individual. Again, since this is a civil suit involving government, and might well be settled by negotiation, the degree of public support engendered will likely be a factor in the outcome of Love in asthall case.

Love in otterford nothing else, the pleasant thought that one of the country's nastier provincial governments might be momentarily brought to Wives looking casual sex OK Piedmont 73078 knees ought to encourage resistance to the tidy idea that the Joyce case is all over.

Matinee 4: Proceeds to the Gay Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) Appeal. The grant will be used to employ four people from May to September, to produce studies of native and handicapped gay people, to increase dialogue between native and gay organizations, to provide resources on sexual-identity counselling to agencies dealing with the handicapped, and Nude ladys Southard organize Granada lady wanted for ltr public display of local historical material.

Can we talk: About gay women and men discussed nutrition and fitness, STDs and AIDS, breast and vaginal self-examination, counselling and self-help. Educating activists: The Coalition for Gay Rights in Ontario's college for gay-rights organiz- ing drew enthusiastic women and men to Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) University of Waterloo March 17 and 1 8 for discussions of the development and philosophies of the gay and feminist movements, ways and means of organiz- ing, and responding to the media and cur- rent events.

A new, Toronto-based gay lib- eration magazine, Rites, is being pro- duced by a collective consisting mainly of former members of the short-hved Pink Ink. The first issue would seem to indicate many shared objectives between the old and the new magazines. The Anal sex tryouts issue of Rites had a press run of copies, which will be distributed across the country — "even in Nelson, BC," as collective member Doug Wilson says.

Right on Target: Victoria's Island Gay Commu- nity Centre has launched a new quarterly tabloid, Target, full of news and com- munity info. And in Nelson: On the airwaves: In the works: Now avail- able: Arachny's Web, a Canadian Jour- nal of the Occult and Magick, published by Alberta's registered pagan church the Ecclesia Gnostica, has produced a spe- cial issue on sex and magic.

Listing it: They're filing complaints with the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Ontario Medical Association against two doctors who opposed city endorsement of Gay Awareness Week on the grounds it would be "dangerous propaganda' ' because gay people "spread AIDS.

Across the land and around the globe: Groups everywhere are planning awareness or pride weeks for the end of June. Gay And Lesbian Awareness — GALA '84 in Edmonton will no doubt be typical of the rounds of picnics, forums, concerts, films and dances from sea to sea. Get out and show your true colours in honour of the 15th anniversary of the Stonewall riots Academic evasion: The Cana- dian Association for American Studies' twentieth annual conference, to be held at the University of Ottawa this Octo- Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town), will discuss ten years of perspectives on women, gender and family.

Topics include every imaginable feminist issue — except one. You guessed it: Calgarians can look forward to an impressive array of sports and recrea- tion activities under the auspices of a group called Apollo, Friends in Sports.

Just in time for summer, the group hopes to include men and women; gay, straight and otherwise. Dykes on bikes: Take note of the women's motorcycle festival planned for August 24 to 27 in upstate New York. Limited to paid entrants Maybe the Adult looking sex Denver will show up for this one: Van- couver's Gay Summer Games are slated to take place from August 2 to 6, Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) coin- cide Regular pussy source the gay pride parade and a host of other attractions.

For the would-be woodsy crowd: Box Village Stn. New York. BIsexuals International, Box PN USA Sin A. Box 2. S 24 Sweden, ph: Rozen- straat 1. Finland, ph: Stn F. Box 3. Stn C. ON M6J 3P5. Te interesa …. Looking for a Wanted: NSA F#CK Buddy - m4w (Davie town) mature women who … — 18 Davie.

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Full text of "The Body politic, June "

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